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Manufacturer: ZOLAR

Exceptional features

Zolar dental lasers comes with exceptional features that makes it a must have for dental practice.


Zolar’s dental lasers are versatile and used in wide range of oral soft tissues and tooth whitening procedures. These dental lasers are used to cure gum inflammations and infections and highly recommended as a reliable and instant cure for most periodontal aliments.

Pre-set programs for standard procedures

Zolar’s dental diode lasers offer 21 adjustable / customizable preset programs for soft tissue and hygiene procedures along with 4 custom programs. These dental lasers enables dentists to effectively use diode laser with optimum efficiency for laser dentistry.

Compact and ergonomic design

Zolar’s dental lasers are truly portable and makes it easy to carry around. Hand piece is ergonomically designed that enables dentist to operate with ease and for longer duration without any fatigue. All components are made from durable materials designed to last long.

Large and clear display

Zolar’s dental lasers have large and clear display, that makes it easy to use with simple, touchscreen control and select options.

Long battery life

Long lasting batteries enabling use of soft tissue dental lasers in minor and major surgeries. Batteries are easy to recharge.

Disposable Tips

Zolar’s dental lasers are among very few dental diode lasers that offers disposable tips making them extremely safe and hygienic.

Wireless Foot pedal

Zolar’s dental lasers is the first ever diode laser with wireless foot pedal. The wireless foot pedal is not only convenient but is comfortable while performing minor or major surgeries with dental diode laser.


Zolar’s dental lasers and accessories are competitively priced, so each dentist and hygienist can afford to own their personal dental lasers instead of sharing.

Technical Support and Training

Zolar offers online webinars, video tutorials and training programs by leading oral experts to effectively use their Photon series Soft tissue dental diode lasers.


Photon diode laser accessories


Zolar soft tissue dental laser offers 21 adjustable / customizable presets for soft tissue and hygiene procedures along with 4 custom programs

Zolar Technology aims to make soft tissue laser technology affordable, portable and user-friendly with its multifunctional Photon Series soft tissue laser.

Photon soft tissue laser offers two different features in one product. It can be used for soft tissue applications such as fibroma removal and crown lengthening and it also offers a new feature which is low level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT can be applied to treat and relieve pain and to stimulate faster healing.

Watch our videos on various soft tissue laser procedures carried out using Photon soft tissue laser. We offer webinars, training videos, special courses conducted by dental experts to provide best use of soft tissue laser in your practice. Contact us today for more information

Exposure of unerrupted teeth

Excision of lesion or removal of Granulation Tissue

Fibroma removal

Frenectomy Gingival troughing for crown impressions


Hemostasis and coagulation

Gingival incision and excision hemostasis

Implant recovery

Incision and drainage of abscess



Oral papillectomies

Pulpotomy as an adjunct to root canal therapy

Reduction of gingival hypertrophy

Soft Tissue crown lengthening

Gingival bleeding index

Excisional and incisional biopsies

Treatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa Vestibuloplasty

Advantages of using Zolar soft tissue diode lasers

Soft tissue diode lasers offers advantages to both dental professionals and patients.

For dentists and hygienists

Soft tissue diode lasers not only give dental practitioners the ability to precisely complete routine dental procedures performed in general practice, but also many advanced dental procedures they previously would have referred to dental specialists.

Soft tissue diode lasers are particularly useful for gingivectomies to facilitate caries removal and enhance a smile’s esthetics in a minimally invasive way.

When used to create a trough around prepared teeth, these soft tissue diode lasers also can improve the quality of daily impression taking, resulting in impressions that are cleaner and more accurate.

For patients

Soft tissue diode lasers use an energy wavelength of 810 to 980 nm, a level proven to demonstrate a high affinity for soft tissue laser in dentistry. Soft tissue diode lasers also demonstrate photo-thermal effects to ablate, or cut and seal, soft tissue through vaporization. As a result, patients tend to experience far less post-operative discomfort, as well as significantly less collateral damage to otherwise healthy surrounding tissue areas.

Soft tissue diode lasers also have the ability to achieve simultaneous cutting and coagulation. This advancement in dental laser technology provides an immediate hemostasis with far less tissue-charring and a reduction of bacteria that lessens the

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