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VAVOOM High-Performance In Office Whitening Light

Your Price: $825.00
- Adjustable gooseneck tube makes positioning the light a snap! Reliable, powerful LED proved cool and intense light output, Compact and light weight. Easily moves between rooms, Powerful and quiet fan keeps the LED's cool providing for longer LED life,Versatile, digital curing time selection with audio feedback
In-Office Whitening
VaVoom High-Performance In Office Whitening Light
Unique, full arch LED curing head bleaches both arches simultaneously. This unique design places the high output LED bulbs within inches of the patients teeth vastly improving the performance of all brands of whitening gel. The exclusive arch design also provides uniform light coverage, insuring all areas of the mouth will be exposed the same intensity of light.
Advanced LED technology. The Vector LED's are of the most advanced generation of LED's available. Wide spectrum (390-490nm) blue light at a power of over 1200 mW is produced to provide fast and effective yet safe whitening. LED light is known for its low heat emission so the danger of damaging the gum tissue is all but eliminated. A high capacity fan is added in the light head to keep the LED sockets, and electrical components cool providing for longer trouble free life.  Compare to other lights that use high out put halogen or plasma bulbs that are not only costly to replace but also generate “hot light” that has shown to have a risk of damaging the surrounding tissue and pulp.
Vector VaVoom's exclusive goose neck light wand allows for the ultimate of flexibility and ease of placement of the light head. Easily place the light into position after applying the whitening gel of your choice set the timer and VAVOOM the patient's teeth are whiter than they have ever been. No need to sit chair side and hold a curing light or light wand - simply set the light in place, start the timer and the light does all the work!
The computer controlled timer allows the user to set the timer from 1 to 20 minutes. This allows users to dial in the best and most effective time setting for their office and allows the flexibility to use any light activated whitening agent. Compare to other lights with pre-set whitening times. We have also added a pause button to stop the whitening process with out resetting the timer.
Stable 4 caster rolling base. Allows the unit to be easily moved from operatory to operatory - making every chair in your office a “whitening” chair. The aluminum base is also very stable yet light weight, compare to our competitors plastic bases which have a tendency to tip and or be clumsy to move or take up a large amount of space in the operatory. The stand height can also be adjusted to provide the optimum access to the oral cavity.
The Vector VaVoom whitening light is the High-performance choice of High-performance dentists
Item Number: VV1200
Manufacturer: VECTOR USA