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Jazz Imaging Solo Sensor

Your Price: $5,750.00


Make the single
best move for your

Learn About Our Sensor

Two sensors are costly and inefficient…

  • One Sensor Means Savings

  • It goes ALMOST without saying, two sensors cost more than one.
  • One sensor, one warranty, one set of positioners.
  • One Sensor Means Speed

  • No searching for two sensors. Keep the SOLO within reach
  • You don’t need two sensors anymore, unless you want one in each operatory.

  • No switching between different sets of positioners. Solo positioners
    offer unparalled efficiency.
  • One Sensor Means Comfort

  • SOLO is the ONLY sensor with Size 2 image dimensions and Size 1 comfort.

  • Clipped corners mean deeper molar positioning.
  • Angled cable exit reduces sensor force in distal images.

key features

  • Highest ratio of active area to size in the
    market – Size 2 image area with the
    comfort of a Size 1 LEARN MORE
  • Comfortable corners for better positioning.
    Angled cable exit reduces cable torque.
  • Low Dose Imaging – SOLO uses CCD
    technology instead of CMOS to optimize
    image quality at low dose. LEARN MORE
  • Works seamlessly within most popular
    imaging applications. SEE HOW
  • Robust USB Connection


All of the benefits of a Size 1 and Size 2 in a single package

  • Unmatched comfort – Cut housing corners improve anterior and posterior positioning
  • Angled cable exit – improves comfort and anterior positioning
  • Outstanding image quality – extremely low noise and 20+ lp/mm contrast visiblity
  • Ultra Rugged –Solid as a rock and built to last. We don’t need a replaceable cable because they don’t fail…we guarantee it


Solo vs size 2

Patent pending technology gives the SOLO similar imager dimensions as Size 2 sensors…in a far smaller package.

Solo vs size 1

SOLO has comfortable corners to reduce pain in small mouths.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.
SOLO has Size 2 image area with the comfort of a Size 1.

Which sensor is best for you?

Premium Image Quality
Single Sensor Solution
Comfortable Design

SOLO Sample Images


Software Tailored to Your Needs

Our driver integrates SOLO to your existing imaging software


If you need imaging software

Which software solution is best for you?

I have Imaging Software that I like (Dexis, Schick, Eaglesoft, Gendex, etc)
I want to use JAZZ SOLO in combination with my current sensor and software
I don’t have any digital sensors or software
I don’t like my imaging software
I want imaging software to support all of my dental imaging hardware
I want my imaging software to integrate with my practice management software

FUSION connects SOLO to your system

  • SOLO works in your existing software and behaves like your current sensor

  • No learning curve since you use software you already know
  • Add SOLO in tandem with your existing size 1 sensor

FUSION allows SOLO to work seamlessly with the following
imaging software:

(Eliminates TWAIN Limitations)

Other Sensors using TWAIN
  • No need to pay DEXIS
  • 12-bit Image Quality
  • Pay DEXIS for TWAIN Driver
  • 8-bit Image Quality
  • Automatic Image Capture
  • Image directly into templates
  • Full Image Enhancements
  • 12-bit Image Quality
  • Manual Image Capture
  • No acquisition into templates
  • No image enhancements
  • 8-bit Image Quality
Schick CDR
  • Automatic Image Capture
  • Full Image Enhancements
  • 12-bit Image Quality
  • Single Image Capture
  • Limited image enhancements
  • 8-bit Image Quality
  • Automatic Image Capture
  • 12-bit Image Quality
  • Single Image Capture
  • 8-bit Image Quality

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