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DCI Edge Series 5 Patient Operatory Chair


Maximum Height: 30”
Minimum Height: 15”
Chair Weight: 300 lbs
Upholstery Weight:30 lbs
5 Year Warranty: Dental Chair and related components
1 Year Warranty: Dental chair upholstery
Upholstery Styles:

Ergoback Asepsis

Narrowback Asepsis

Ergoback Plush

Narrowback Plush

Chair Swivel: 60° (30° left / 30° right)
Armrests: Padded, 120° multi-position swivel
Backrest:: Flexible elbow supports with steel back
Headrest: 175° Dual-articulating, sliding headrest with push button lever

The Series 5 dental chair was designed to provide you and your team with comfortable, ergonomic access to the oral cavity. Your patients can relax comfortably, enhancing their experience at your practice.

Ergonomics: Thin, narrow back allows for ideal positioning for the practioner and patient. This leads to enhanced comfort and efficiency for the entire dental team.

Access To The Oral Cavity: Dual articulating headrest ensures maximum comfort for the patient while giving the practioner full access to the oral cavity without strain.

How Low Can You Go? The Series 5 chair height ranges from 16” to 31” at the seat so you can comfortably practice sitting or standing.

Are You In The Right Position? Optimal positioning near the patient ensures a healthy posture, reducing pain and fatigue.

Multi Layer System: Four different layers of foam with varying levels of density deliver premium comfort and support. Adapts to all body types.

Soft Start and Stop: Adjust your chair without disrupting your patient with smooth start and stop technology.

Patient Support The innovative headrest scoop and back design provides patients with back support regardless of height.

Built to Last:Our design philosophy blends innovation with high quality construction. We are proud to show you what’s under the hood.


5 Year Warranty


No-Touch Sensors:

Control the light without contact using programmable no-touch sensors

Durable Design:

Die-cast construction for solid performance.

Uniform Light Pattern:

DCI delivers cutting edge illumination technology by utilizing over 500 reflective facets to bounce light back to the oral cavity. The result is a uniform light pattern that increases visibility for doctors and dental assistants.

No-Cure Setting:

Filters out UV light to prolong the working time of photo initiated resins.

3 Intensity Level Settings

Settings of 17.5K, 26K, 35K lux while maintaining a 3"x6” pattern.

3rd axis rotation:

Improves lighting in all quadrants of the oral cavity

Multiple Options:

Available in Post Mount, System Mount, Ceiling Mount, Track Mount, Cabinet Mount, and Wall Mount. Most come in color options of white or gray.

Five Year Warranty

Item Number: C5052
Manufacturer: DCI
Manufacturer Part No: C5052